8 dic. 2015

Now the question is, how one can start to bring a change for the underprivileged children?

We believe children are the most innocent souls of the world. These souls are not supposed to see the tough grinds of life, at least this soon. They are supposed to play, laugh, and study. Unfortunately, the underprivileged children don’t get to see the light of amusement and education. They are deprived of the facilities that are mandatory to build them up for the future. These street children can be seen on all traffic signal points across the nation. They sell flowers, balloons, chocolates and stickers to the passers-by. Their approach of selling numerous items to people screams itself about what is missing in their lives. Children should not see the dusk of life; they must be filled with smiles all the time. Addressing this serious matter, people take steps. Steps that will bring smiles and create waves of happiness amongst these kids. Though, it is not possible for everyone to provide these little spirits with happiness all the time. Happiness that will ensure their food, clothes, shelter, education and health. It doesn’t matter, if someone cannot bring happiness for them. What matters the most is if someone can put smiles on these blessed faces at least for a while, it is better than nothing. This someone can be any of us, or can be many of us.