4 feb. 2018



training for trainers.

Good morning
We are very pleased to have all of you in Málaga for this training for trainers.
We hope you´ll enjoy it and get the most from it and from this city
Thanks to Mr Vural from the Kultural University of Istambul, that coordinate this Project and to Ana Mata, the vicepresident of Diputación de Málaga and Encarna Jimenez, that allow us to stay here in this beautiful building, and antic palace.
It is my plesure to introduce you Zek Dundar and Leilani van Rheenen as the teachers for this course.
And me,  Rosa,  president of Gems, Educación en Andalucía that I will be  these days with you
 Anything you need yo can contact with me any time.

Have a nice days. Thank you very much and Welcome to Málaga


youth exchange

Integration? Art is the answer

2nd -8th August 2017
Vilnius / Lithuania
KA1Mobility of YouthWorkers

Organized b:         “Kūrybingumo ir inovacijų centras”

(Center of creativity and innovation)

Gems, Educación en Andalucía

 Age: 18+
Language:The language of the course will be English. Participants should be fluent in English
Working Methodologies
Our training course will be based on non-formal education methods such as group
works, simulations, individual reflections, peer to peer learning etc.
It means that learning is based on your experience, your motivation and your needs.
A summary of Commission’s recent researches has shown that: participation in non – formal education, knowledge and use of ICT tools, and having a creativity-driven way of thinking can increase employability especially for young migrants. Also commission has stated many new programs to promote social inclusion of migrants such as Progress Program: Fast track integration into the labour market for third country nationals targeting exclusively asylum
seekers, refugees and their family members, GROWH: entrepreneurships for migrants etc. As the need of integration is growing the need of youth workers and qualification is also growing.
Therefore, in the path already tracked by Europe 2020 Strategy and its flagship. Social inclusion can be promoted in different way such increasing employability of migrants, creating common spaces for all communities, using artistic tools such as dance, theatre, music et.
Our initiative IAA aims to support youth workers to their mission of a better integration of young migrants through developing skills of youth workers by using innovative and creative artistic tools. As a result, initiative, creativity and motivation will be enhanced both in the direct target – youth workers – and in their final target – migrants – for an Europe more inclusive and cohesive.
IAA -Integration? Art is the answer gathers 32 youthworkers (26 participants, 4 trainers
and 2 support staffs.