31 dic. 2018

Objetives of the project E-meets

The overall goal is expected to be achieved to the following objectives ):
1- Strengthening of entrepreneurship among young population
2- Development of core competencies in tourism; basic and specialized knowledge and skills trainings
3- Creating of Open Education Centre in Tourism with three main goals: a) career counseling, b) information sharing and spreading, c) open education platform with programs – business and tourism
Development of entrepreneurship in education system of ME&RS is in its infancy and current young population has clear and obvious lack of these skills, so the project will put additional effort on ensuring sustainability. Non-formal educational and training programs will be developed and will be responsible for continual information sharing, up-to-date communication and promotion, as well as open virtual training and education, all enhanced by modern technologies and educational platforms.
Therefore this project embedded several innovative aspect: to include tourism orientation in entrepreneurship education, b) to address youth entrepreneurship motivation and mind-set, c) put accent on rural areas that are underdeveloped and facing depopulation, d) to include regional cross-border cooperation and e) to provide internationalization through sharing of EU best practice models and standards.

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